Gee, sorry for talkin’ your ear off. It’s just that I get real bored sittin’ around the store all day.
— Chloe
Chloe is the owner of Chloe's Roses, the flower shop. Corinne can visit Chloe to buy gardening supplies, sell grown flowers, or just to chat. She actually inherited the family business and is more interested in her knitting hobby.


Appearance Edit

Chloe has blonde hair she wears in a topknot and amber eyes. She wears a blue shirt, yellow skirt, and green apron. She also wears yellow gardening gloves.

Personality Edit

Chloe is friendly. Often bored at work, her desperation for conversation often leads her to be overly chatty with her customers, even unintentionally interrupting them to talk more. She can be timid when it comes to leaving her comfort zone.

She speaks with a Southern accent.

Relationships Edit

  • Corinne Cross - Chloe is happy to meet Corinne and have someone to talk to. She tends to use Corinne as a sounding board. She finds Corinne's admiration to be a novelist admirable. She appreciates Corinne's company and will give her a special gift if they become close. 
  • Hermina Lumen - Chloe describes Hermina as a "weird ol' bat". Hermina was a frequent customer at her store when her funeral home was in business, but has stopped coming by since going into retirement. She comments that Hermina gave her the same lecture she gave Corinne about flowers needing their roots. 
  • Julia Styron - Chloe expresses concern about Julia being in the hospital. She seems to think of the Styrons warmly.
  • Gale Styron - Because the Styrons were longtime customers at her store, Chloe knew Gale since he was a young boy and first moved into town. His death particularly affects her, making her realize that she should appreciate her life and make the most of each day. 


  • She likes strawberry ice cream with sprinkles.
  • Her name is actually Chloe III, having inherited the family name along with the business.