Kindness is good. And eating good food is a kindness to yourself!
— Dimitri
Dimitri is the owner of Dimitri's Greengrocer. Corinne can visit him to buy groceries or just to chat. A friendly man, he strongly believes in building his business by making personal connections with his customers.


Appearance Edit

Dimitri is tall, burly, and mustachioed. He has brown hair and is always depicted with his eyes closed. He wears a pink shirt, a bowtie, and brown pants.

Personality Edit

Although he can be a bit boisterous, Dimitri thinks of himself as a real people-person and prides himself on his ability to be the best greengrocer he can possibly be. He's always puts the extra effort into giving a helping hand.

As a foreigner, he speaks with broken English, but it isn't specified where he's from.

Relationships Edit

  • Corinne Cross - Dimitri recognizes Gale's yellow scooter and figures out Corinne knows the Styrons. If Corinne lies to Dimitri about where Gale and Julia are, he'll be angry with her, but eventually forgive her. He seems eager to impart his greengrocer wisdom on her. 
  • Julia Styron - Julia was a regular customer. She often praised Dimitri's fresh products, a source of great pride for him. He was unaware that Julia was staying in the hospital. 
  • Gale Styron - Gale was a frequent customer at Dimitri's Greengrocer, often running errands for his mother and picking up breakfast items. He was unaware of Gale's illness or death. 
  • Hermina Lumen - Because Hermina gives the address of Dimitri's Greengrocer to Corinne, it's implied she shops there. However, it's not specified if they had any sort of friendship. 


  • If Corinne lies to Dimitri about where Gale and Julia are, he'll eventually find out the truth and be mad at Corinne for a couple of days. Because his story progression is based on how frequently Corinne talks to him, it's possible to end the game with Dimitri still angry at you if you haven't spoken to him enough to earn his forgiveness.