You’re an interesting girl, Miss Cross. I’ll be keeping an eye on you.
— Hermina
Hermina Lumen is the mysterious and borderline creepy funeral director who lives next door to the Styrons. A retired funeral director, she spends her days tending to her cemetery. She quickly becomes a mentor to Corinne, although she seems to know more than she's willing to say...


Corinne Cross's Dead & Breakfast Edit

Appearance Edit

Hermina is in her 50's during the events of CCD&B. She has dark gray hair with a white stripe, worn in a bob. She has a remarkably big nose. Her outfit is very formal and includes elbow-length gloves and a pearl necklace.

Personality Edit

Hermina is very serious and seldom smiles. She speaks formally and can be rather abrupt. She has no sense of personal boundaries and enters the Styron's home as if it were her own.

Hermina Lumen is Only Human Edit

Appearance Edit

Hermina is in her mid 20's during the event of HLIOH. She has black hair that is starting to gray. She wears reading glasses.

Relationships Edit

  • Corinne Cross - Hermina finds Corinne intriguing and isn't shy about butting her way into her life. She becomes a mentor to Corinne and seems pleased when she embraces her job as a medium.
  • Gale Styron - Hermina met Gale when his family bought the next door house. She mentions she thinks of him as a nephew and prefers him to her actual nephews.
  • Julia Styron - Julia is Hermina's neighbor and best friend. When her funeral home was in business, Hermina would refer funeral goers coming in from out of town to Julia's B&B. She would often be at the B&B for breakfast or tea.
  • Chloe - When her funeral home was in business, Hermina would get all her flowers from Chloe, as well as referring customers there. After going into retirement, she didn't go there as much.


  • She hates hospitals and finds them depressing. Because of this, she avoids visiting Julia for quite a while.
  • She seems to hate cleaning and housework in general.
  • Her last name was only revealed with the announcement of her own spin-off game: Hermina Lumen is Only Human. It's never mentioned in Corinne Cross's Dead & Breakfast.
  • She likes tea and baked treats.
  • It's implied she has a lot of money.
  • She has a key to the B&B, given to her by Julia many years ago.