I’m sorry, my dear. It’s been hard to find my smile since Gale passed.
— Julia
Julia Styron is the owner of the Styron Family Bed & Breakfast. The shock of losing her son has caused her health to deteriorate. She spends the duration of the game in the hospital, where Corinne can visit her.


Appearance Edit

Julia is in her late 40's. She has wavy pink hair, blue eyes, and a constantly wearied expression. During the events of the game, she wears a plain blue hospital gown.

Personality Edit

Normally a cheerful and charming B&B hostess, her recent loss has left her stricken with depression and fatigue. She has a modest personality and values her family and friends above all else.

Relationships Edit

  • Corinne Cross - Corinne can visit Julia at the hospital to keep her company. Julia is very grateful to Corinne for taking the time to visit her, especially since she feels she isn't very good company being as depressed as she is. 
  • Hermina Lumen - Hermina is Julia's neighbor and best friend. Neighborly kindness evolved into a real friendship. After Hermina retired she would visit at the B&B every day, either to eat breakfast or join in on afternoon tea.
  • Brian Styron - Brian is Julia's late husband. It seems they had a close relationship, and his death was hard on her.
  • Gale Styron - Gale is Julia's late son. She visited him every day in the hospital and was devastated by his death.
  • Nicole Cross - Nicole is Julia's friend. It's not specified how they meet. She calls her "Nicky".
  • Chloe - Julia was a frequent shopper at Chloe's flower store.
  • Dimitri - Julia shopped frequently at Dimitri's greengrocer.


  • She has a sister who lives in a beach city