You can use your free time to focus on your writing a bit! You’ll have to put that degree to use someday, right?!
— Nicole
Nicole is Corinne's mother. As Julia's friend, she asks Corinne to look after her house as a favor. Other than a phone call and some letters, she doesn't appear much throughout the game, and never appears physically.


Personality Edit

Nicole has an ambitious, energetic, A-type personality. Her career is very important to her. She's a master at networking and multitasking.

Relationships Edit

  • Corinne Cross - Corinne is Nicole's daughter. While Nicole has long accepted that Corinne takes more after her father than herself, she still pushes Corinne to be more ambitious. 
  • Julia Styron - Julia is Nicole's friend. Nicole tries to help Julia get through her hardships by sending Corinne out to help. It's not mentioned how they became friends in the first place.


  • She often goes by "Nicky".