Toast without toppings is like watching TV when there’s nothing good on.
— Shoes
Shoes is the second ghost to appear in the B&B. He watches TV and asks Corinne to make food for him. He comes up with the idea of having a Breakfeast with all the ghosts, and becomes interested in learning how to cook.


Appearance Edit

Shoes has dark blue hair and amber eyes. He has a chubby build and dresses casually, wearing a flannel shirt over a wifebeater, sweatpants, and bunny slippers.

Personality Edit

Shoes doesn't seem fazed at all by his death. He has a lazy personality and can be a bit of a grump. He spends his time watching television and enjoys his lack of responsibilities.

He has an odd sense of humor. He enjoys puns and giving people nicknames.

Relationships Edit

  • Pauline - Pauline is Shoes' widow. He thinks of her fondly, and gets the idea of having a Breakfeast from her. He gains more appreciation for her by trying to have a Breakfeast of his own, and realizes that he has some regrets.
  • Corinne Cross - Shoes treats Corinne like a personal chef at first, but eventually bonds with her over the preparation of the Breakfeast. It impresses him when she puts together all the dishes. 
  • Alex - He calls her "Shortstop" due to her baseball uniform and size. He tends to treat her the same as he treats the other adults in the house.
  • Zara - He calls her "Red" because of her red hair. He doesn't have the energy to deal with her anger.
  • Gale Styron - He calls him "Beanpole" because of his height and skinniness. In their NewGame+ bonus scene, he asks for Gale's opinion on their situation from a scientific point of view. 


  • His real name is Alex. Shoes was the nickname his friends gave to him when he was alive.
  • He was a CPA when he was alive. While he was diligent at his high-stress job, it caused him to become lazier around the house.
  • He doesn't have a walk sprite: only a sitting on couch and standing sprite.